DPF Systems in Semi Trucks and When You Should Have Them Cleaned

Published by Open Bay Truck Repair on 3-18-2024

The frequency of professional cleaning for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) in semi trucks depends on several factors, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. However, a common recommendation is to have a professional cleaning performed every 100,000 to 150,000 miles, or as specified by the truck manufacturer. This recommendation can vary based on factors such as the truck's operating conditions, the type of engine, and the emission control system.

Here are some factors to consider when determining the need for professional DPF cleaning:

1. **Monitoring System Alerts:**

   - Many modern trucks are equipped with onboard diagnostics that monitor the condition of the DPF. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and address any system alerts indicating the need for cleaning.

2. **Emission Testing:**

   - If your truck undergoes regular emission testing, monitor the results. A decrease in performance or failing emission tests may indicate the need for DPF cleaning.

3. **Operating Conditions:**

   - Trucks operating in conditions that lead to quicker DPF accumulation, such as frequent stop-and-go driving or short trips, may require more frequent professional cleaning.

4. **Manufacturer Recommendations:**

   - Always refer to the truck's maintenance manual and guidelines provided by the manufacturer for specific recommendations on DPF cleaning intervals.

5. **Regeneration Effectiveness:**

   - If the passive or active regeneration process is not effectively burning off accumulated soot, it may be an indication that professional cleaning is necessary.

6. **Fuel Quality:**

   - The quality of diesel fuel used can impact DPF performance. Using high-quality fuel with low sulfur content can help reduce the frequency of DPF cleaning.

7. **Driver Behavior:**

   - Encouraging fuel-efficient driving practices and proper maintenance can contribute to extending the time between DPF cleanings.

It's crucial to note that ignoring the need for DPF cleaning can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, engine performance issues, and potential violations of emission standards. Regularly scheduled maintenance and adherence to the manufacturer's guidelines are essential to keep the DPF and the overall emission control system in optimal condition. 

At Open Bay Truck Repair we partner with a specialist using a 4 stage system with a 1 year guarantee to make sure that you are getting the most life out of your DPF system.