Semi Truck and Trailer Welding and Fabrication

If you're looking for top-notch welding solutions and precise fabrication services in Joplin, MO, you've come to the right place. Our expert team is dedicated to providing exceptional results for all your welding and fabrication needs.

When Do You Need Welding and Fabrication Services?

Cracked Trailer Frame: If your truck's trailer frame has cracks, welding and fabrication services are essential to repair and strengthen the structure, ensuring safe transportation.

Broken Ramps and Steps: Damaged ramps and steps can pose serious safety hazards. Our welding experts can repair or fabricate new ones, ensuring smooth loading and unloading operations.

Torn or Damaged Panels: Accidents or heavy usage can cause damage to trailer panels. Welding and fabrication can restore these panels, maintaining the integrity of the cargo area.

Hitch Repairs: If the hitch is damaged or not functioning correctly, it's crucial to get it repaired promptly to ensure a secure connection between the truck and the trailer.

Welding and Fabrication Shop in Joplin, MO

At Open Bay Truck Repair, we specialize in small-scale welding and fabrication services. Our skilled technicians can handle various tasks, including:

Welding Repairs: From fixing cracks and fractures to patching holes, our precise welding techniques ensure lasting repairs.

Welding Inspections: Our thorough welding inspections help identify potential issues early on, preventing major problems down the road.

If you require top-tier trailer maintenance and repairs in Joplin, MO, don't hesitate to get in touch with Open Bay Truck Repair. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with professional welding and fabrication services to keep your fleet running smoothly. 

Areas We Serve For Welding and Fabrication

Missouri: Joplin, MO; Springfield, MO; Nevada, MO

Arkansas: Rogers, AR; Springdale, AR

Oklahoma: Big Cabin, OK; Grove, OK

Kansas: Parsons, KS; Pittsburg, KS


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